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uPVC Door Range, Newport

After a premium quality uPVC Door? Inspire Windows are an established, respectable and experienced uPVC Door installer. Your search ends here.

Our exceptional uPVC Door range consists of Front Doors, Patio Doors, Bi-Fold Doors, Stable Doors and French Doors.

rehau NewportHigh Quality uPVC Door


REHAU are our trusted uPVC Door manufacturer.

This ensures that our whole uPVC door selection contains the highest levels of craftsmanship and technical innovation. All of our uPVC doors excel in
security, durability, thermal efficiency, accessibility and design.

Secure and Durable uPVC Doors

Our uPVC Door range ensures a high level of door security for your Newport property. Intelligently designed, uPVC is designed to snap under excessive force. Although this may sound like a negative, it isn’t.

To gain unauthorised access through a uPVC door, a would-be intruder would need a point of leverage upon the door frame to force the uPVC Door open. The frame of our uPVC front doors will snap when this is attempted, but the locking hardware will remain intact and fully functional. This means your front door will stay locked, but it will not have a point of leverage for it to be forced open with.

Reinforced chambers are also available upon installation, to increase uPVC front door security. These chambers are exceptionally good at resisting blunt force. Keeping you and your family safe in your Newport home.

Every uPVC door we provide can be fitted with internal beading, which prevents panes of glass being removed via the exterior of your Newport home, and giving intruders easy access. High security, multi-point locking systems are also available, which ensure door fortification, and keeps the high security standard consistent across both the uPVC door frame and the lock.

All of our products are accompanied with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee and a 10-year insurance backed guarantee, this ensures the durability and reliability of your uPVC Door, and proves them to be a worthy investment for your Newport home.

REHAU’s advanced technology ensures that a uPVC door from us will never rot, warp or discolour. We’re in it for the long run.uPVC Door Newport

Adaptable uPVC Door Design

A uPVC door has the potential to be a constantly used access or exit point. This is the reason we’re so stringent on our accessibility standards.

Each uPVC Door can be fitted with a low threshold. This is ideal for uPVC doors that will be used by wheelchair or pushchair users. The low threshold reduces the need for any chair lifting, and puts no restrictions on who can come visit you and your family in your Newport home.

We understand that every Newport property is different. Our whole uPVC door range contains designs that can fit any Newport home, and cater to your uPVC door needs.

Energy Efficient uPVC Door

As standard, a uPVC door from us will be ‘A’ rated for its thermal efficiency, which means it reaches the best standards of heat retention and energy management for your Newport property.

Thermal efficiency ratings are based upon the Window Energy Ratings (WER) system from The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC). The BFRC are a prestigious and respected authority on thermal efficiency, and only the best products land on the higher end of their A-G (highest to lowest) WER scale.

An ‘A’ rated uPVC Door means that the heat from your central heating will remain in your Newport home for longer. This means that you’ll have to put the heating on less, which means you’ll save money on your heating bills. What’s not to like?

Wait, there’s more. Because you’ll be using less heating in your Newport property, it also means that you’ll be using less energy overall. This results in a notable reduction of your carbon footprint, which is incredibly eco-friendly!

Our uPVC Door range will save you money, without costing the earth.Energy Efficiency newport

uPVC Door Customisation

Although uPVC door performance is very important, this doesn’t mean we neglect the aesthetic side.

We offer a wide choice of colours and finishes for our uPVC door selection, including a standard range and extensive range.

Standard colours are as follows: ‘White’, ‘Mahogany’, ‘Rosewood’ and ‘Golden Oak’.

The standard range is perfect for achieving a classic uPVC door look. The ‘Rosewood’, ‘Golden Oak’ and ‘Mahogany’ are great for traditional Newport homes, whilst the ‘White’ fits perfectly with the more contemporary Newport property. Of course, the colours look great no matter the property, these are just some friendly suggestions.

The extensive range of colours consists of: ‘Chocolate Brown’, ‘Black Cherry’, ‘Walnut V’, ‘Anthracite Grey (Flat)’, ‘Mahogany’, ‘Slate Grey’, ‘Chartwell Green Sovereign’, ‘Shogan AF’, ‘Stripe Douglas’, ‘Anthracite Grey (Grained)’, ‘Cream White’, ‘Brilliant Blue’, ‘Dark Oak’, ‘Agate Grey’, ‘Wine Red’, ‘Golden Oak’, ‘Black Brown’, ‘Sapeli’, ‘White’, ‘Dark Green’, ‘Dark Red’, ‘Natural Oak’ and ‘Grey’.

Our extensive range of uPVC door colours enables you to really tailor your uPVC door to your tastes, and inject a sense of personal character into your Newport home. Choosing the right colour is incredibly important to your Newport home dynamic, this is why our extensive range of colours can accommodate to a wide scope of preferences.

Front Doors, Newport

Contemporary uPVC Front Doors

A front door is an essential focal point for any Newport property. A popular and age-old design, our front doors can be fitted as a simple glazed design, or you can opt for some more elaborate options.

Adaptable Front Design

To fit seamlessly into your Newport property, our front doors come with a range of design choices. You can choose to have your front door open inwards or outwards depending on where it’s being fitted. This is ideal for matching the space in which they are being installed, where an inward or outward opening arc may be inconvenient or impossible.

You can also choose to have sidelights installed next to your front doors, to maximise light allowance and enhance aesthetics. These are a great way of making your entrance ways brighter, and allow for an illusion of space.  Sidelights are a great way to make your Newport home more welcoming and bright.

We also have a wide range of front door glazing options, including ‘glazed-in’ panels and/or glass. Additionally, you can outfit your front door with a mid-rail, to break up the planes of glass, or have glazed in panels to give your front door an individual style.

Our front door is an exceptional uPVC door.

The choice is yours, it’s time to make your Newport house even more of a home.

Secure Your Newport Home with Our uPVC Front Doors

Achieving top-quality standards of front door security with high quality uPVC, our front doors are inherently robust and resistant to force. Sporting the incredibly sturdy REHAU uPVC door design, your Newport property will be a fantastically secure place to be.

All of our front doors are fitted with premium, multi-point locking systems to ensure that our front doors are not compromised by a weak lock. This ensures consistent security throughout the whole door, and eliminates any weak spots in the front door design. This is a truly secure uPVC door.

Accessible Front Door Design

Installing a low threshold into your uPVC door will greatly increase its accessibility for wheelchair and pushchair users. This means you can accommodate for any and all visitors to your Newport property.

Colours for Our Front Doors

Our whole front door range can be decorated with our standard, or extensive colour range. Featuring classic colours like ‘Mahogany’ and ‘Rosewood’, as well as specialist colours like ‘ChartwellGreen’ and ‘Anthracite Grey’, you really can choose the right front door colour for you and your Newport property.

Struggling to choose? Use the REHAU Colour Selector to help you out! Create the right uPVC door for you.
uPVC Door Newport

Patio Doors, Newport

Patio Doors Save Space

Because Patio Doors do not require swing space, they are incredibly versatile in their installation, and perfect for porches, conservatories and balconies.

Because they do not need to swing, patio doors allow for maximised room space and decoration, giving you the option to place decorative items such as plants or vases on either side of the uPVC door, to really bring some added character to your Newport home.

Bring Light with Our Patio Doors

Featuring a slim uPVC door frame, our patio doors have a large surface area of glass. This not only allows fantastic views of your garden, it also allows natural light to flood in and light up your Newport property.

Patio doors can bring a real ‘feel good’ factor to any room they’re in.

Highly Secure Patio Doors

Manufactured using the exceptional REHAU  uPVC door design, our patio doors display an impressive standard of security.

Secure Double Glazing NewportWith internal beading, there is no way any would-be intruders can remove the patio door glass and gain unauthorised access into your Newport home from the outside. The only access to this function is from the interior of your property.

Patio door security is ensured with the installation of a 4-point locking system as standard. To enhance patio door security further, we also install our ‘anti-jacking’ technology which prevents any of the sliding doors being lifted from the outside, and eliminates the chance of any break-ins through this method.

After intensive police testing, all of our patio doors have gained high security approval. This ensures the highest standards of uPVC door security available.

Energy Efficient Patio Doors

Our patio doors save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Fitted with windows that achieve an ‘A’ energy rating from BFRC, you can be rest assured that the heat retention of your Newport home will be notably increased by our patio doors, and you’ll feel the benefits for many years to come, thanks to this exceptional uPVC door.

Patio Doors Accessibility and Customisation

Patio doors can be adapted to any space they are being installed in. We offer the option of a 2,3 or 4 uPVC door design.

You can also outfit your patio doors in any of the colours from our standard or extensive uPVC door colour selection. Why not use the REHAU Colour Selector to truly help visualise your perfect patio door colour?

upvc door newport

Bi-Fold Doors, Newport

Innovative Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors are the perfect way to use a uPVC door to seamlessly connect your Newport home with your garden.

Our innovative bi-fold doors are intelligently designed to fold away easily and neatly, which not only maximises space, it also greatly improves usability. Using bi-fold doors have never been easier, and are a beautiful modern touch to any Newport property.

High Bi-fold Door Security

Bi-fold door security is assured with REHAU’s technologically impressive uPVC door design. Combining the strength of high quality uPVC with a highly secure, multi-point locking system, our bi-fold doors boast a standard of unprecedented security.

You can rest easy in your Newport home, and fully enjoy the benefits of this wonderful uPVC door.

Accessible Bi-Fold Doors

Because bi-fold doors fold away neatly, and don’t require a fixed mullion, they offer a fully open space in their wake. This allows uninterrupted access for large items, wheelchairs and pushchairs. This uPVC door also creates large and spacious opening to your garden.

Live in your Newport home, unrestricted, with our bi-fold Doors.

Bi-Fold Door Finishes and Designs

Bi-fold installation can consist of a maximum of 7 panes of glass, which can be joined together in a number of inward/outward opening options. This allows our Bi-fold doors to accommodate for your tastes, and Newport property effortlessly.

Our Bi-fold doors can be fitted internally or externally. Whatever the need is, we’ll sort it.

Available in our standard uPVC Door colour selection and extensive uPVC Door colour selection, your Bi-fold doors will look how you want them to.uPVC doorNewport

uPVC French Doors, Newport

Beautiful uPVC French Doors

French Doors are an easy, practical and beautiful way to bring a taste of the continent to your Newport home.

The French door design exudes a classic aesthetic, it’s elegant and attractive, and is sure to be enjoyed by any and all.

Highly Secure uPVC French Doors

Our French doors can be fitted with the latest in high security locking mechanisms. This ensures the highest standards of security available for your Newport property, and keeps you and your family safe.

Because our French doors utilise the REHAU uPVC door design, they consist of a surprising standard of inherent strength. This will protect your house against would-be burglars, by holding steadfast against break-in attempts.

Accessible uPVC French Doors

French doors can open out fully, leaving an unrestricted opening behind. This is due to the fact that French doors don’t require a fixed mullion.

The space that is created upon opening allows a high standard of accessibility, ensuring ease-of-use for wheelchair and pushchair users, as well as transporting large items.

Energy Efficient French Doors

All of our French doors contain Planitherm glass, which achieves an ‘A’ rating on the BFRC Window Energy Ratings scale. This ensures an incredibly high level of thermal efficiency which will save you money on your heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

uPVC French Door Finishes

Although French doors are naturally very attractive, we offer a wide range of customisation options. You can outfit your French doors with mid-rails, side lights, decorative glass of Georgian bars. The choice is yours, don’t be afraid to indulge!

uPVC Door Newport


Stable Doors, Newport

Stable Doors and Their Traditional Aesthetic

Stable Doors are renowned for achieving a beautiful country-style look. By installing them, you’re guaranteed to add a traditional, cosy and welcoming addition to your property in Newport.

All of our stable doors effortlessly combine an age-old look with the modern innovation of REHAU uPVC door design.

Stable Doors Security

Exceptional stable door security is achieved via a galvanised steel core, this makes our stable doors incredibly strong and resistant to break-in. The design of our stable doors is incredibly security conscious, utilising anti-crowbar technology to eliminate any security compromising weak spots.

Multi-Functional Stable Doors

Because stable doors contain two independent halves, they pave the way for multi-functionality and multiple benefits.

By opening the top half only, you can welcome increased ventilation into your Newport property, without compromising home security, or the safety of your children or pets.

Both stable door halves can be interlocked to function as a single unit, providing you with an extremely efficient single door.

Adaptable Stable Doors Style

Our stable doors are available in a wide array of colours and wood-grain finishes, so you can choose whether they blend seamlessly into your Newport home, or stand out and make a statement.

Can’t choose between Chartwell Green, Golden Oak or Wine Red? Use the REHAU colour selector to help you visualise the perfect selection.uPVC Door Newport

uPVC Door Prices

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