Inspire Windows

A Rated Windows as Standard

Inspire Windows are proud to be installers of highly energy efficient windows in Cardiff. As the price of fuel and heating costs are on the rise it is important homeowners are doing everything they can to reduce their outgoings.

By having energy efficient, ‘A’ rated windows installed you will be reducing the cost of your heating bills almost instantly.

Energy Efficient Glazing

Energy Effciency Ratings

All our windows come fully accredited with the backing of the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) and approval from the Energy Saving Trust. You can be guaranteed of having new double glazing that is both thermally efficient and cost saving.

Partnered with Pilkington for the best quality glass on the market, you can be rest assured of an efficient installation.

Approved by the Window Energy Ratings scheme which determines that under the current building regulations an energy efficient home requires a ‘C+’ WER.

It goes without saying however that the higher the WER the greater the energy efficiency, which is why we install A rated glass as standard.

Low-e glass is a contributor to the efficiency levels of a window. If choosing this option, you will benefit from three times more energy efficient glass than if you don’t use low emissive glass. It works due to a reflective coating that allows the heat within your home to be reflected inside rather than to escape outwards.  Great at keeping your home warmer for longer.

A Rated Advantages

A Rated As Standard

‘A’ rated windows will not only keep your home warmer but also quieter, thanks to their noise reducing properties. A typical saving on ‘A’ rated windows in England and Wales compared to single glazing in a detached house could save you £130-£175 in the following year after installation.

Reduce your carbon footprint, shrink your energy bills and enjoy peace and quiet. Condensation build up is also minimised with double glazing that lasts for at least 20 years. Bear in mind that energy savings and costs will vary in each home depending on size of home and windows.